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Occupational health, safety and welfare

Tychean Resources believes that responsible health and safety management and superior health and safety performance is integral to an efficient and successful company. This will be achieved through leadership and the use of reliable systems, that support effective decision making.

To enable health and safety objectives to be achieved, each Tychean Resources operation will:

Identify opportunities for improvement and set challenging standards that are consistent with the values and expectations of employees and the broader community.

Implement and maintain a health &safety management system that identifies, assesses and effectively controls health & safety risks to employees, contractors and the broader community. Such a system must be characterised by rigor, simplicity and action.

Integrate health & safety into all aspects of the company's activities including exploration, project development, and acquisitions.

Select appropriately qualified and capable people who can demonstrate a high level of awareness and commitment towards proactive safety management.

Provide training to enable employees, contractors and suppliers to work in a safe and responsible manner and to ensure they are able to manage their activities in accordance with this policy.

Consult employees and the community on concerns, aspirations and values for health & safety related to the development, operation and closure aspects of projects.

Communicate openly about workplace hazards, risks or incidents and ideas for improvement, to enable effective decision making and action.

Demonstrate commitment to reporting of health & safety performance.

Comply with all applicable legal and regulatory requirements as a minimum standard.